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Who We Are

About Us

Results for Development (R4D) is a global nonprofit organization working with partners in more than 55 countries to find new ways to help people escape poverty and reach their full potential. We apply fresh thinking and rigor to emerging and stubborn development challenges—particularly within the fields of health, education and governance—and we pioneer and advance creative, high-impact solutions. We do this by conducting analysis and generating evidence that helps to inform and influence decision-makers; building platforms and networks that connect people and ideas; by providing direct support to local change agents; and combining these approaches to deliver meaningful and lasting results.

R4D’s fresh approach to exploring new and innovative solutions, has resulted in real impact on the ground for those in most need in developing countries. By pairing research with action, R4D has helped improve the economic and social prospects of the world’s poor.”

-- Roberto Danino, R4D Board Member - Former Prime Minister of Peru

Our History

R4D came into being in early 2008.  We created it at the urging of prominent voices from the developing and developed world – voices we had come to know well through our decades of working with public, private, and non-governmental organization leaders in African, Asian, Latin American, and eastern European countries, as well as the donors and development partners that seek to help governmental and non-governmental organizations who convinced us that an important gap needed to be filled. They pressed on us their concern that an important gap needed to be filled.  Think tanks don’t go far enough, they argued, stopping too short of ensuring that their proposals will actually work on the ground when the practical realities of implementation have to be dealt with.  Implementers, they said, jump in too late, without starting from basic questions.  Further, the institutions that bridge that gap well tend to be few, large, and perceived to have weighty agendas of their own (for example, the development banks have their lending to do).  What is greatly needed, we were told, is to have more groups working at the nexus between thinking and acting, with skill not just in developing promising, evidence-based ideas but also in the arduous art of applying them in practice in far flung places. Read more

Our Values

Our values underpin the way we work and the outcomes we strive for:

  • Impact:  We aspire to achieve results with significant lasting impact, enabling people in developing nations to overcome barriers and attain their full potential.
  • Excellence and Integrity:  We aim for excellence in the quality of our work, and integrity and respect in how we treat each other and everyone we engage with in countries and institutions around the globe.
  • People:  We believe that investing in people – whether they are families struggling with poverty or rising talent in our own team – is crucial for progress.
  • Creativity:  We assign high priority to creative thinking as the essential oxygen for effective problem-solving.
  • Entrepreneurship:  We view entrepreneurial drive as vital for bringing about fundamental change, and nurture entrepreneurship in our staff and partners, combining multiple perspectives from diverse fields including business, finance, development experience, and research.
  • Tenacity:  We understand that solving tough problems requires tenacity, not just during the early stages of idea generation but also through proof-of-concept testing to make sure that proposed solutions will work in practice.