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My Republica: Open government inevitable in all countries: Heller
Nathaniel Heller, R4D's executive vice president for integrated strategies, discusses open government and why it matters in Nepal.

The Himalayan Times: Blending civic tech with political strategy to offer sustainable path
Nathaniel Heller comments on accountability and decentralization in post-conflict contexts.

NORRAG: Creating Productive Jobs for Africa’s Youth: A Huge Challenge with Global Implications
In this op-ed, Birger Fredriksen, R4D's senior fellow, comments on youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa and why the education sector must address the skills need in the informal sector. 

Harvard Business Review: Expanding the Reach of Primary Care in Developing Countries
The Center for Health Market Innovations, which is managed by R4D, was mentioned in an op-ed on scaling primary care in low- and middle-income countries.

Project Syndicate: Immunization Independence
Many countries have benefited from Gavi support for their national immunization programs. Helen Saxenian and Paul Wilson, R4D's senior fellows, discuss the challenges these countries face once external support is withdrawn.

Health Financing in Africa blog: At the crossroads: Allison Kelley’s newest challenge
In this Q&A, Allison Kelley, program director at R4D, discusses a new project, the African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions, that's working to advance universal health coverage implementation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Huffington Post: When it comes to data, the messenger is key
Gina Lagomarsino and Nathaniel Heller argue the data messenger is just as important if not more than the data they present.

Mother Jones: Donald Trump Is Making the United States an Anti-Corruption Laughingstock
Nathaniel Heller, R4D's executive vice president of integrated strategies, provides commentary on open government issues in the Trump Administration.

FreshEd Podcast: The Skills Gap in Asia and Africa
In this podcast with Will Brehm, R4D's Shubha Jayaram and Wambui Munge discuss the book, Bridging the Skills Gap: Innovations in Africa and Asia.

Huffington Post: Yes Trump, Health Care IS Complicated — Especially For Women
Gina Lagomarsino makes the case for why we must design systems that work for women — to support both their health needs and economic independence.

OZY: The CEO Who's Turning the Global Development Approach on Its Head
Gina Lagomarsino is profiled as an OZY rising star. The story covers her early interest in health systems, what led her to R4D and some of the organization’s successes.

Huffington Post: How countries can maintain health gains from immunization
Gina Lagomarsino, R4D's president and CEO, highlights why sustainable and predictable financing is needed for immunization programs, particularly in countries that receive — or are preparing to transition from — Gavi support. 

allAfrica: New Guide Helps Countries Assess Immunization Financing Options
The resource guide was developed as an open-access tool (www.immunizationfinancing.org) to assist advocates and decision-makers as they evaluate the pros and cons of potential financing sources.

The Guardian: Childcare companies using profits to subsidise fees in low-income areas
Michelle Neuman, R4D's program director, comments on the potential for public-private partnerships to support early childhood development in developing countries.

Huffington Post: Three ways the global development community can support local change agents
In her first blog post of the new year, Gina Lagomarsino outlines three way we can support in-country partners to make meaningful, lasting change.

The Guardian: Kenya's tech startups trial digital classrooms in drive for literacy
Wambui Munge, R4D communications officer, comments on the need for greater government collaboration in scaling digital education programs in Kenya.

Huffington Post: Without primary health care, there is no universal health coverage
On UHC Day 2016, Gina Lagomarsino, R4D's president and CEO, emphasizes the importance of strengthening primary health care to achieve universal health coverage.

The Lancet Global Health: Expanding universal health coverage from the ground up
Members of the Joint Learning Network, including R4D's Amanda Folsom, highlight four lessons in helping countries advance universal health coverage.

Devex: Will the development business be out of business by 2040?
David de Ferranti, R4D's board chair and senior fellow, outlines three important trends emerging in global development.

Huffington Post: Joint learning — A model for future success in global development
R4D's president and CEO, Gina Lagomarsino, explains joint learning, how it's helped the Joint Learning Network advance universal health coverage and how it can be used to tackle other global development challenges.

Devex: What do recruiters think of online degrees?
Ryan Noll, R4D’s chief people officer, talks about how global development recruiters view online degrees.

The Development Set, Medium: Hey, Nonprofit Offices. 1985 Called and It Wants Its Taupe Walls Back.
Gina Lagomarsino, R4D president and CEO, talks about R4D’s new office space and how it was designed to encourage greater collaboration.

Devex: Privatized education's growing role requires data, attention and planning
R4D’s Nicholas Burnett and UBS Optimus Foundation’s Maya Ziswiler discuss privatized education’s growing role in low- and middle-income countries.

Devex: DevExplains: 'Intermediaries' in the health market
Devex unpacks intermediaries in the health market and highlights the Center for Health Market Innovations and its new report, Intermediaries: The Missing Link in Improving Mixed Market Health Systems?

Devex: How to get a career started in global health
Gina Lagomarsino, R4D president and CEO, discusses what it takes to break into a career in global health.

Devex: From idea to scale: The missing pieces in health innovation adoption
Lane Goodman, senior communications associate at R4D, comments on some of the barriers in adopting health innovations.

Huffington Post: Why should we prioritize global education funding amid other demands?
Gina Lagomarsino, R4D's president and CEO, highlights health sector approaches that can work for education, and points to recommendations on how to avert a global learning crisis from a new report released by the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity.

USAID: Effective, Efficient, Accountable: Ministries Discuss Domestic Resource Mobilization
As part of the Health Finance and Governance project, “slice of the pie," Marty Makinen, a managing director at R4D, helped organize a multi-country workshop to support policymakers from public health and finance agencies in developing concrete action plans for mobilizing domestic resources for health.

Devex: Results-based financing shows a new way of doing health care
As part of its Making Markets Work conversation, Devex highlights results-based financing and talks to Marty Makinen, a managing director at R4D, on a TRAction study he's leading in Senegal.

Foreign Policy, Democracy Lab (blog): Yes, the U.S. Can Fight Corruption Overseas
R4D's managing director, Nathaniel Heller, on how U.S. policy can be improved to fight corruption overseas.

Devex: 5 ideas for moving the needle on literacy
On International Literacy Day, Tara Hill, R4D program officer, and Pearson's Julia Firestone, outline five ideas to promote global literacy progress and maximize the likelihood of success.

The Standard: Nutrition vital to childhood development in Africa
In this op-ed, John Agyekum Kufuor, former president of Ghana, discusses why nutrition is an important part of early childhood development. His post references research released by the World Bank, Results for Development, and 1,000 Days on financing needed to reach global nutrition targets.

Times of India: Maharashtra shows the way in dealing with kids’ nutrition
Jack Clift, R4D's senior program officer, addresses the need for greater financing for nutrition in Rajasthan, India.

IRIN: As AIDS money shrinks, who loses?
Michael Chaitkin, R4D's program officer, addresses the need for increased domestic financing for HIV/AIDS at the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Devex: A new era in digital health
In this article, Christina Synowiec, R4D's senior program officer, is quoted on digital health challenges.

Development Finance: African leaders make economic case for investing in nutrition
This article highlights the World Bank and R4D’s Africa-specific nutrition investment framework, which was featured on the agenda at the African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings in Lusaka, Zambia.

New Vision: Multilingualism: A challenge in implementing the thematic curriculum
At a workshop in Uganda, Wambui Munge, R4D's communications officer, explains why the use of local languages was adopted in early learning tool kits.

Devex: Taking Care of Business
Gina Lagomarsino, R4D's incoming president and CEO, and Dr. Priya Agrawal, executive director of Merck for Mothers, examine the elements of systems that successfully ensure that private healthcare providers are paid for their work.

Devex: To Achieve UHC, Ensure Equity and Sustainability
R4D Senior Program Director Chris Atim and Program Coordinator explore the importance of equity and sustainability in the context of moving towards universal health coverage.

Jakarta Post: How to harness the power of think tanks
R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk authors an op-ed focusing on ways to harness the power of think tanks by strengthening their management practices.

Devex: 4 ways to improve #globaldev think tank management
R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk authors an op-ed that extracts the key principles of his new book, Improving Think Tank Management, which provides practical guidance, case studies, and principles for improving think tank operations.

Voice of America - Dari: A look into Think Tanks around US and the world
In a special video series on think tanks, VoA - Dari interviews R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk on the role, impact and challenges facing think tanks in the world today. Please note that the interview has been translated into Dari.

Business & Financial Times Online: Think-tanks critical to economic growth
Ghana-based B&FT Online covers the launch of R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk's new book, Improving Think Tank Management, in Accra, Ghana.

Graphic Online: Lack of quality research affecting work of think tanks
Ghana-based Graphic Online covers the launch of R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk's new book, Improving Think Tank Management, in Accra, Ghana including remarks by panelist Mrs. Jean Mensa, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs - Ghana.

Voice of America: Think Tanks Need to Rethink Accountability
Reporter Kim Lewis interviews R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk on his new book, Improving Think Tank Management, which provides think tanks in the developing world with data, lessons and case studies on how to strengthen their management practices.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Think Tanks & Transparency: A Global Perspective
Kojo Nnamdi interviews R4D Senior Fellow Raymond Struyk along with Hans Gutbrod and Ilya Lozovsky to explore the influence of local and global think tanks on public policy debates, and the ever-evolving space between academic research and advocacy.

All Africa: Education, a Collective Responsibility - Nwaobiala
Brief news coverage on the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education and its final convening held in Lagos, Nigeria.

All Africa: Nigeria: Stakeholders Identify Ways to Improve Access to Secondary Education for Marginalised Youths
News coverage on the final convening held in Lagos, Nigeria for the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education, which brought together stakeholders and decision-makers in secondary education in Nigeria to share knowledge and experiences, discuss best practices and innovations, and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration.

Financial Times: Ebola spurs healthcare insurance debate
Reporter Andrew Jack covers the debate spurred by the Ebola crisis on healthcare insurance coverage and mentions the work of the Joint Learning Network on universal health coverage.

Business Day Live (South Africa): US funding for HIV/AIDS to focus on specific regions
News coverage on R4D's new study in the Lancet on the challenges of paying for national AIDS programs in the hardest-hit countries.

TIME Magazine: African Countries Should Spend More in AIDS Response, Study Says
News coverage on R4D's new study in the Lancet on the challenges of paying for national AIDS programs in the hardest-hit countries.

New York Times: African Nations Can Help More on AIDS, Study Says
New York Times reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. reports on R4D's new study in the Lancet on the challenges of paying for national AIDS programs in the hardest-hit countries, quoting R4D Managing Director Rob Hecht on the study's findings.

Voice of America: HIV/AIDS Budget Revealed in New Study on African Countries
Voice of America reporter Kim Lewis interviews R4D Managing Director Rob Hecht on R4D's new study in the Lancet on the challenges of paying for national AIDS programs in the hardest-hit countries.

Nathaniel Heller Appointed to Open Government Partnership (OGP) Steering Committee
Nathaniel Heller, R4D Managing Director, has been appointed to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Steering Committee. OGP is a global effort that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency and accountability, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

LA Times: African Health Spending Lags Despite Rapid Economic Growth
The LA Times' Noam Levey quotes R4D expert Julian Schweitzer on why simply spending more is insufficient. "Countries that have been successful have built systems. They trained doctors and health workers, expanded insurance schemes, created financial incentives.... These countries learned you have to do all these things together."

Huffington Post: India's Quest for Universal Health Coverage
R4D Managing Director Rob Hecht, along with Khizer Husain, R4D Program Director Stephanie Sealy and R4D President David de Ferranti, discusses the different options facing the new Indian government as they seek universal health coverage.

Standard Media: Growing skills mismatch threatens Kenya's economic growth
Kenya's Standard Media cited R4D's research on the global skills mismatch.

Tribune Express: The value of a liberal arts education
Pakistan's Tribune Express cited R4D's 2012 study on skills for employability in Africa and Asia, mentioning "the results were startling, to say the least."

Mail & Guardian: Collaborative Methods Impart Lasting Knowledge
News feature on the role of the Center for Education Innovations in catalyzing the launch of Streetlight Schools in South Africa. An excerpt from the article reads as follows: "After graduating with an LLB from the University of Cape Town in 2009 and spending some time at a low-fee private school in India, Smuts started researching different education models with the help of global databases of schools such as the Centre for Education Innovations."

Hartford Courant: Ebola Shows Need For Global Health Security Office
In an op-ed on Hartford Courant, R4D Managing Director Rob Hecht and Elizabeth Bradley, Professor of public health and director of the Yale Global Health Initiative, argue for the U.S. to establish a permanent health security office to guard against Ebola and similar emergencies.

Graphic Online (Ghana): Financing of NHIS very innovative - health expert
Ghana's online newspaper, Graphic Online, covers R4D Senior Program Officer Nathan Blanchet's views on the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)'s innovative tax financing of health insurance.

Voice of America Africa News Tonight
Voice of America reporter Kim Lewis interviews Senior Program Officer Nathan Blanchet on R4D's work building on community-based health insurance to expand national coverage in Ghana.

Washington Post: Bridging the job skills gap around the developing world
News coverage on R4D's research exploring the skills gap and providing examples of programs in different countries aimed at promoting skills for employment through secondary education.

Daily News (Thailand)
Matichon Online (Thailand)
R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett was the keynote speaker at the Quality Learning Foundation's first ever national conference in Thailand on May 7, 2014. This article which appears in a Thailand online newspaper covers Burnett's presentation on innovative financing and spending with the goal of reducing the number of out of school children and to improve the quality of existing schooling.

Project Syndiate: The Grand Global Health Convergence
In an op-ed on Project Syndicate, Helen Saxenian and Gavin Yamey lay out the economic benefits and most effective strategies for investing in a ‘grand convergence’ in health outcomes over the next two decades between low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and the developed world. 

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Setting the Stage to Measure Impact in Health
Christina Synoweic and her collaborater Ellen Carey  introduce CHMI's new catalogue of metrics that can help investors and organizations demonstrate that positive financial returns and social returns can be twined. 

Project Syndicate: Education's Buy-Down Option
In an op-ed on Project Syndicate, Nick Burnett and Nisma Elias champion the use of loan buy-downs to encourage lending for education and summarize R4D's study for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), analyzing the buy-down model’s use in other sectors and considering ways to apply it to education. 

International New York Times: Investing in Health 
A special supplement on health, development, and impact investing. Contributors from GlaxoSmithKline plc, R4D, Lion's Head Global Health Partners, to name a few, discuss the best ways for businesses to work with governments and NGOs, impact invest, and improve healthcare in developing countries. 

The Guardian: Counting the cost of universal primary education
The Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network covers R4D's recent report highlighting a $26 billion gap between donor funding and costs of achieveing universal primary education. 

CNBC Africa: The impact of out-of-school children on the Nigerian economy
In this video interview, R4D Program Associate Milan Thomas introduces a new report measuring the high costs of out-of-school children in low income countries and discusses the impact on the Nigerian economy in particular, explaining why investing in education is not just a moral obligation, but an economic priority. 

This is Africa: Healthcare: A Democratic Dividend?
This is Africa reporter Eleanor Whitehead writes about the link between democracy and improved social indicators, quoting R4D Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Gina Lagomarsino. 

Diplomatist Magazine: Malala Yousafzai Hope for a Better Tomorrow
R4D Program Associate Nisma Elias reflects on the global plight of girls' education as well Malala Yousafzai's contributions to a better tomorrow.

The Guardian: There can be no universal primary education without investing in teachers
News coverage on the Center for Education Innovations (CEI) and how it has "identified a number of teacher training providers that undertake similar activities, and linked them to work together to develop their training methodologies. This kind of information access and network is particularly important for smaller organisations that often work in isolation, to help them benefit from lessons learned by others." 

Los Angeles Times:  HIV/AIDS activism helps the marginalized emerge from shadows in India
LA Times Washington Bureau reporter Noam Levey writes about a New Delhi community organization that is empowering gay, lesbian and transgender people in India, quoting R4D Managing Director, Robert Hecht.

Business Daily Africa: Local graduates lack key skills for job market
News coverage on R4D's efforts to address the mismatch between skills taught in school and those required of the global job market, including the informal sector.

BBC: Smart cards that top-up health
In this article, Program Officer Christina Synowiec was quoted for her views on why it is difficult to identify uninsured individuals and their families, encourage insurance enrollment and collect premiums. 

The Star: New Project Gives Informal Schools A Shot In The Arm
News coverage on the Center for Education Innovations (CEI), which cites R4D Manager Director Nicholas Burnett thoughts on the role of non-state education and the vision of CEI.

ABN Digital: Bridging the gap between schools and skill in Africa
In this interview with ABN Digital, R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett calls attention to the mismatch between secondary school level skills and the requirements of the global job market.

Voice of America: New Learning Platform Focuses on Non-State Education
In this interview with Voice of America, R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett discusses the major problems regarding education for the poor in developing countries and the vision for the Center for Education Innovations.

Fast Company's Co.Exist: 4 Innovative Models Changing Health Care in Africa
In this article, David J. Olson explores how the Center for Health Market Innovations is highlighting interesting and innovative solutions to health problems, including "clinics-in-a-box" and enlisting rats to sniff out TB.

Gulf Times: Doha Meeting to Focus on Out-of-School Children
News coverage on the Educate a Child Initiative’s High Level Strategic Meeting in Qatar, where R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett is cited for his role in preparing and presenting on the meeting’s central research paper, “A Moral Obligation, An Economic Priority: The Urgency of Enrolling Out of School Children.”

Gulf Times: Education Meeting Gets off to a Good Start
News coverage on the Educate a Child Initiative’s High Level Strategic Meeting in Qatar, which cites R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett’s reflections on the new research paper, “A Moral Obligation, An Economic Priority: The Urgency of Enrolling Out of School Children”, which he also helped prepare and present.

Financial Times: Provision: Private Sector Role Remains Elusive
FT Reporter Andrew Jack cites the work of the Center for Health Market Innovation’s in improving privately delivered healthcare, as it relates to tackling malaria. Note: A subscription is required to access the article. An abstract of CHMI’s citation is provided below:

“The idea of working with the private sector is not yet dead. While the global fund will no longer support the AMFm centrally, it will still permit subsidies by individual recipient countries that choose to use them. Meanwhile, there is little doubt that in the absence of easily accessible and affordable healthcare, the private sector will continue to play a significant role in tackling malaria. The Center for Health Market Innovations, which promotes ways of improving privately delivered healthcare, is among groups trying to research the role of “informal providers” in more detail.”

Voice of America: Scaling Up Delivery of Micronutrients
In this interview with Voice of America, R4D Managing Director Kanika Bahl discusses the advantages of micronutrient powders and R4D's new report on how to scale up access to these vital tools to eliminate child malnutrition.

Sunday Guardian: Symposium on employability held in Delhi
News coverage from the two-day Asia Regional Skills Symposium on 9-10 January where importance of exploring successful models of skills development for employability in Asia and Africa were discussed. Convened by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration and R4D, the seminar stressed upon the importance of imparting job relevant skills right at the secondary education level. 

China Daily: Asia a global model for health coverage
R4D President David de Ferranti and Rockefeller Foundation President Judith Rodin published an Opinion Editorial in China Daily wrote about health coverage in Asia serving as a model for the rest of the world in China Daily. This op-ed was published as leading policy makers and health advocates came together for the Second Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Beijing. 

Voice of America: Developing Countries Strive to Provide Universal Health Care
Voice of America reporter William Eagle interviews R4D Managing Director Gina Lagomarsino for coverage of The Lancet's Series on Universal Health Coverage produced in partnership with R4D. 

The Economist: Now the hard part
The Economist's Feast and Famine blog on demography and development covers The Lancet  Series on universal health coverage, produced in partnership with R4D.

Huffington Post: India: A Powerhouse of Innovation for Neglected Diseases?
R4D President David de Ferranti, R4D Senior Technical Consultant Paul Wilson and R4D Program Officer Aarthi Rao explore the possibility that India can become the Silicon Valley for neglected tropical disease drugs. The post was based on the Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment's report on the topic.

Huffington Post: Unlocking local solutions to healthcare and education
Featuring a video from R4D's Transparency & Accountability Program, R4D President David de Ferranti explains why govenance isn't a boring subject, that in fact it has plenty of excitement especially when citizens at every level can become a part of the process.

Reuters: Ugandan school children put the chill on teacher truancy
Reuters blogger Luke Balleny covers one of R4D's Transparency & Accountability Program participants, featuring a video produced as part of the TAP Summer 2012 Video Series.

Mashable: 5 Reasons Mobile Is the Future of Sustainable Development
Mashable reporter Zoe Fox mentions a participant from R4D's Transparency & Accountability Program and quotes former R4D Senior Program Associate Oscar Abello on the role mobile technology is playing in helping citizens hold their governments accountable.

Mashable: How Mobile Phones Are Repairing India’s Broken Healthcare System
Coverage of a participant in R4D's Transparency & Accountability Program, from the leading source for news, information and resources on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.

Los Angeles Times: Global push to guarantee health coverage leaves U.S. behind
LA Times Washington Bureau reporter Noam Levey covers the growing global movement toward Universal Health Coverage, quoting R4D President David de Ferranti.

The Fiscal Times: A Patent Way to Get Cheaper Drugs to Poor Nations
Long-time health journalist Merril Goozner, senior correspondent for The Fiscal Times, takes a look at the growing crisis in financing treatments for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world, and the World Health Organization's Consultative Expert Working Group (CEWG) will meet in Geneva later this month to consider alternative ways of producing lower-cost drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools to fight the those diseases in poor countries, quoting R4D Managing Director Rob Hecht and reporting from an R4D event on the CEWG recommendations that took place on May 7, 2012.

Huffington Post: World Health Organization Reports Conundrum for eHealth Evaluation
Huffington Post contributor Kate Otto details trending challenges in the eHealth space, citing R4D's recent WHO Bulletin study as providing important new insights for what's working and what's not.

Slate.com: Malaria Is Making a Comeback  
In the latest of a series of articles for Slate.com, Bjorn Lomborg cites research from R4D experts arguing that an HIV vaccine should be the top priority for global philanthropists and policymakers. “No disease comes close to the AIDS epidemic in threatening every aspect of development for dozens of countries,” Lomborg says, before citing research from R4D expert Dean Jamison, Managing Director Robert Hecht, Program Officer Kira Thorien, and Senior Program Associate Gabrielle Partridge, “that there is a strong case for increasing HIV vaccine research and development by $100 million annually. Even with conservative assumptions, each dollar spent would generate benefits worth 20 times the costs.”

Huffington Post: The Devil in the Malaria Details  
Based on R4D's report, Expanding Access to LLINs: A market dynamics approach, R4D President David de Ferranti, Managing Director Kanika Bahl, and Program Officer Pooja Shaw authored a column for the Huffington Post outlining the challanges of LLIN procurement and quality, citing the report's policy recommendations for donor organizations and normative bodies to create a more transparent global LLIN marketplace and to reward innovation in LLIN production needed to combat growing insecticide resistance among mosquito populations around the world.

Guardian: Buy more and better bednets for the money, says new report 
On World Malaria Day, R4D’s Market Dynamics team released a report that identifies strategies to improve the marketplace for long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs). The report is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and authored by R4D Managing Director Kanika Bahl and Program Officer Pooja Shaw. The report identifies global approaches to drive purchasing of the most cost-effective LLINs while generating market incentives for improved net performance and innovation to address the growing threat of mosquito resistance. These strategies will allow the global community to save over $600 million and extend net access to roughly 300 million more individuals over the next five years.

Huffington Post: Can Patent Pools Get More AIDS Drugs to Patients? 
The Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment released its latest assessment, “Patent Pools: Assessing Their Value-Added for Global Health Innovation and Access,” which explores the role of joint intellectual property management in global health innovation and access to medicines.  Based on these findings, R4D President David di Ferranti and Managing Director Robert Hecht urged more companies to join the Medicines Patent Pool in a recent Huffington Post article.

BBC World Business Report: Dennis de Tray, R4D Principal, on the Next World Bank President
In an open letter, 39 former managers and economists called on the World Bank’s executive board to make their upcoming decision on the next President on merit, when the board considers more than one candidate for the job for the first time. In the letter, the World Bank managers formally endorsed Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Dennis de Tray, R4D Principal and one of the co-signers of the letter, was interviewed by the BBC.

New York Times & International Herald Tribune Op-Ed: Toward Universal Health Coverage
The New York Times and International Herald Tribune publsished an Op-Ed co-authored by dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, Julio Frenk, and R4D President, David de Ferranti. In the Op-Ed de Ferranti and Frenk praise Mexico's recent achievement of universal health coverage, a journey which began under Frenk’s term in charge of the country's Ministry of Health. In light of that achievement and the recent U.S. Supreme Court hearings, the authors argue that perhaps it's time U.S. healthcare reform get up to speed with other wealthy -- and not so wealthy -- countries that have or will soon have universal health coverage.

The New Yorker – Letter to the Editor: Health innovation in India
The New Yorker published a Letter to the Editor from R4D Managing Directors Robert Hecht and Gina Lagomarsino. Written in response to profile of Indian businesswoman Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, published in the January 2 issue, the letter praises the compelling profile but puts Mazumdar-Shaw's story in the broader context of India. 

Wall Street Journal: Clinton to Urge Using Latest Science in New AIDS Push 
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a major speech calling for an AIDS-free generation, on November 8, 2011, at the National Institutes of Health. In making her case, Sec. Clinton referenced a R4D PLoS ONE study on the economic returns to investing in AIDS treatment. The study was also featured in the Wall Street Journal. 

AdditIonal media coverage in the Guardian:

Voice of America (VOA): Rethinking HIV from an Economic Viewpoint
In early 2011, The Copenhagen Consensus Center, in collaboration with The Rush Foundation, commissioned top health economists to examine the cost-effectiveness of a range of different responses to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Tasked with investigating the cost-effectiveness of AIDS research and development (R&D), R4D Managing Director Robert Hecht and Dean Jamison, R4D senior fellow and professor at the University of Washington, embarked on an in-depth analysis of the costs and potential benefits to AIDS vaccine development.

Additonal news coverage is below:

Huffington Post: Making Market Strategy a Global Life-Saving Tool 
The Huffington Post published a blog by R4D President David de Ferranti and R4D Managing Director Kanika Bahl that argues that reducing commodity costs can represent hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for the global community. In turn these savings translate into millions of more patients who can receive access to life-saving treatment. 

NPR: Conversations on Health Care
Conversations on Health Care interviewed R4D Managing Director Gina Lagomarsino for the “Tech Report” on their weekly public radio show broadcasted on NPR member stations in the New England region, featuring R4D's Center for Health Market Innovations’ (CHMI) Highlights 2011 report. Also appearing on the program was Gail Wilensky, economist and senior fellow at Project HOPE.

Financial Times: Op-Ed - Only an aid rethink can save Afghanistan
The Financial Times published an op-ed by R4D Principal, Dennis de Tray arguring that the US military and civilian actors have, in the name of counter-insurgency, produced precisely the opposite effect that their strategy intends.

Huffington Post: Using Prizes to Promote Life Saving Health Tools 
The Huffington Post published a blog by R4D President David de Ferranti on using prizes to promote life saving health tools. It discusses R4D's report "Prizes for Global Health Technologies" that includes a review of a number of proposals to offer a prize. 

Reuters: More vaccines for poor could save 6.4 million lives
A study "How should poor countries and donors share the cost of new lifesaving vaccines?", published in Health Affairs, by the donor-funded Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and R4D, found that poor nations are hard-pressed to pay for vaccine programs without help from outside donors. The study author Helen Saxien, R4D expert, argues that fortunately, there are now efficient mechanisms for getting donor money to where it’s needed, and donors are getting the message that immunization is extremely good value for money.

Washington Post: Tough decisions about money and treatment are ahead as AIDS turns 30
The Washington Post featured findings from the aids2031 Costs and Financing Project, directed by R4D on the 30th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic. Authors from the financing group of the aids2031project, including R4D Managing Director Robert Hecht, address critical questions, taking a long-term view of financial requirements under different possible scenarios as the HIV/AIDS pandemic unfolds over the next two decades up to 2031, the year that will mark the 50th anniversary of AIDS.

Economist: Healthcare in Asia: The innovation imperative
An Economist Intelligence Unit's report features key insights by Results for Development Institute Managing Director, Gina Lagomarsino, and by entrepreneurs profiled by R4D's Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI).

New York Times: $1 Million to Inventor of Tracker for A.L.S.
Success in the largest prize competition for medical research in history drew the attention of the New York Times which included comments by Results for Development Institute senior consultant Dr. Paul Wilson. Wilson is an expert on prizes and co-author with former R4D Program Officer Amrita Palriwala of “Prizes for Global Health Technologies” a product of R4D’s Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment. 

BBC: Cambodia HIV and Aids treatment programmes threatened
An R4D report, titled The Long-Run Costs and Financing of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia and featured on the BBC, examines the best ways in which Cambodia can continue to combat and reduce its HIV/AIDS epidemic. Written by Cambodian experts working closely with R4D staff, the report is the third in a series of studies done by the financing group of aids2031, an international initiative that has brought together some of the most prestigious HIV/AIDS experts. 

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New York Times: South Africa Fears Millions More H.I.V. Infections
An R4D report, "Long-Run Costs and Choices of HIV/AIDS in South Africa", profiled in the New York Times, addresses questions with a look to the epidemiological and financial future of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The report was undertaken at the request of the South African government, and was overseen by a national steering committee co-chaired by senior officials of the health and finance ministries. Its authors were drawn from the Center for Economic Governance on AIDS in Africa (CEGAA) based in Cape Town and R4D.Read more

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Bond Buyer: New Insurer Revisits Old Model
R4D's small and medium enterprise (SME) development initiative led by R4D expert David Stevens is featured in the Bond Buyer. AMF’s business model won top honors in March 2010 for innovative financial solutions at a competition hosted by the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Agence Francaise de Developpement. AMF won $100,000 from the sponsors, who said its concept could “help emerging nations become increasingly financially self-sufficient in their development activities.”

Guardian: HIV infections could hit 3.2m a year by 2031 if funding is not increased
In a Review in the Lancet, authors from the financing group of the aids2031 project, including R4D Managing Director Robert Hecht address critical questions, taking a long-term view of financial requirements under different possible scenarios as the HIV/AIDS pandemic unfolds over the next two decades up to 2031, the year that will mark the 50th anniversary of AIDS.

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NPR: AIDS Activists Worry About Spending Under Obama
NPR interviewed key AIDS experts including, Ambassador Eric Goosby, R4D’s Managing Director Robert Hecht, and Christine Lubinski (Infectious Diseases Society of America), on ways to retool AIDS strategies, shifting from the emergency response mentality of the past to a longer-term view of policies that will be more efficient, effective, and sustainable.