About Us

Our Values

Our values are reflected in the way that we do our work and in the outcomes and impact that we consistently work towards:

  • Dynamic: We think and act quickly. We are young, nimble and energetic. We are experts at translating high-level analysis into teamwork and action.
  • Effective: We are known for concrete, real-world results and for delivering a high value-to-dollar ratio.
  • Inventive: We’re a team of forward-thinkers, always looking for the newest and most creative way to meet every challenge.
  • Different: We are not a think tank, consulting firm, or NGO. We operate on a new model and the uniqueness of that model is part of its strength.
  • Global: We may be based in America but we are a global organization with a global perspective.
  • Problem-Solvers: We are, above all, a problem solving organization.