Image of Candice Hwang

Candice Hwang

Senior Program Associate

When you bring immunization program managers from Gavi transitioning countries together, you’ll find that they face many similar challenges and have much to learn from each other.”

As a senior program associate at Results for Development (R4D), Candice Hwang uses data analysis and collaborative learning to support sustainable financing for nutrition and immunization.

Her current projects include nutrition resource tracking in Ethiopia and the creation of a peer learning platform to support countries that are transitioning away from financial support from Gavi to domestic financing. Ms. Hwang also co-authored a policy brief on how to better report and monitor aid for nutrition. The recommendations in this policy brief were adapted into a formal proposal to the OECD in Spring 2017 to improve its system for tracking donor aid.

Prior to joining R4D, Ms. Hwang worked with the FDA’s Office of Public Health Strategy and Analysis to track the proportion of clinical trials that make their data publicly available, as well as the accuracy of published trial results when compared to FDA reviews.

Ms. Hwang holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from Yale University, from which she graduated with magna cum laude honors. She is a native speaker of English and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

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