About Us

Leadership Team

Director of Business Operations and Procurement

Aliz Agoston is director of business operations and procurement at Results for Development (R4D), where she oversees R4D’s daily operations, including procurement, facilities, business insurance, rental space management, information technology, legal, staff travel, and vendor relationship management.

Allison Kelley
Program Director

Allison Kelley is a leading expert and advocate for collaborative, south-south models for sharing and co-producing knowledge in global health, with a focus on building operational capacity and the evidence base to extend universal health coverage. She is a health economist with 20 years of experience managing and providing technical assistance and training to development initiatives and research in the health sector.

Senior Program Director

Amanda Folsom is a senior program director at R4D. She focuses on health financing, health systems strengthening and capacity building.

Amy Black
Executive Vice President, Education

Amy Black is the executive vice president of global education systems at Results for Development (R4D). Her work centers on improving education outcomes in a large-scale and lasting way by supporting the people — the policymakers, the program managers and practitioners, the innovators and the private sector players — who are driving system-level reforms in low- and middle-income countries.

Augustin Flory
Managing Director, Nutrition

Augustin Flory is Results for Development's managing director for nutrition. He leads R4D’s growing nutrition practice, working closely with global and country partners to design and implement programs that generate important knowledge about how to solve key challenges in nutrition and translate that knowledge into practice.

Program Director

Cammie Lee is a program director at Results for Development (R4D). She is also country director, Tanzania, based in Dar es Salaam.

Casey Santiago
Program Director

Casey Santiago is program director for technology and innovation at R4D, where she leads the creation of global technology platforms for public private engagement and universal health coverage.

Senior Program Director

Dr. Cheryl Cashin is a senior program director at R4D. She is a health economist with more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing health financing policy for health systems performance improvement in low- and middle-income countries.

Senior Program Director

Dr. Chris Atim is a senior program director at R4D, where he serves as the health systems and equity advisor on USAID’s global flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) and as the Executive Director of the African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA). Dr. Atim specializes in health systems with a particular focus on health care financing.  

Program Director

Christina Synowiec is a program director on the learning and experimentation team at Results for Development.

Senior Program Director

Courtney Tolmie is a senior program director at R4D working on governance and accountability work.

Senior Program Director

Donika Dimovska is a senior program director at Results for Development (R4D). She spearheads new ways of doing development, leading efforts under R4D’s expanding innovation portfolio in areas such as health, education, child protection and beyond. 

Gina Lagomarsino, president and CEO
President and CEO

Gina Lagomarsino is the president and chief executive officer of Results for Development.

Grace Chee
Senior Program Director

Grace Chee is a senior program director at Results for Development. She has over 20 years of experience in the areas of health system strengthening, health financing, cost-effectiveness analysis, and evaluation of global health programs. She plays a leadership role on R4D’s work on the Maternal Child Survival Project and the Collaborative Systems for Health project in Liberia.

Chief Communications Officer

Heather Luca, R4D's chief communications officer, is an accomplished communications and marketing professional with more than eighteen years of experience helping nonprofits tell their brand stories, engage target audiences and drive measurable results.

Jean Arkedis
Program Director

Jean Arkedis is a program director at R4D. She is leading R4D's work on impact evaluation and learning.

Kristi Maasjo
Health Operations Program Director

Kristi Maasjo is the program director for health operations, providing strategic oversight and operational leadership across R4D’s health portfolio.

Mark Roland
Program Director

Mark Roland is a a program director on the global education team at Results for Development (R4D).

Executive Vice President, Health

Marty Makinen is executive vice president for health. He oversees and contributes to a portfolio of work by R4D through global and country specific projects and activities in health financing and systems. 

Meredith Kimball
Program Director

Meredith Kimball joined Results for Development in June 2011. She currently focuses on health financing and the promotion of Universal Health Coverage through the Joint Learning Network.

Program Director

Michelle Neuman is a program director at R4D. She focuses on R4D's work in early childhood development and global education.

Molly Jamieson Eberhardt
Program Director

Molly Jamieson Eberhardt is a program director on the global education team at Results for Development (R4D).

Program Director

Nathan Blanchet is a program director at Results for Development (R4D)  and a visiting scientist at Harvard School of Public Health. At R4D, Dr. Blanchet focuses on the design and implementation of national health insurance in South Africa and Ghana, the integration of disease-specific financing into broader health financing systems, and the role of primary health care in efforts to achieve universal health coverage.

Executive Vice President, Integrated Strategies

Nathaniel Heller is executive vice president for integrated strategies at Results for Development (R4D), where he oversees the organization’s cross-cutting practice areas.

Quoc Nguyen
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Results for Development, Quoc Nguyen was the chief financial officer for Freedom House, where he managed U.S. and international financial operations, monitored grants to international NGOs and ensured compliance with donor regulations.

Ryan Noll
Chief People Officer

Ryan Noll, R4D's chief people officer, has worked in human resources for many types of organizations ranging from small, rapidly growing companies to large, well-established organizations. Ryan's experience also spans different types of organizations including non profit, for profit, government contractors and public and private organizations. 

Thomas Feeny
Program Director

Thomas Feeny is a program director at R4D, providing leadership for R4D’s growing innovation portfolio.