Courtney Tolmie

Senior Program Director

Courtney Tolmie is a senior program director at Results for Development (R4D).

Ms. Tolmie leads the Governance and Accountability work at R4D, including the Transparency and Accountability Program (TAP) and the Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability Program (a joint effort with the Global Development Network). Ms. Tolmie joined R4D in 2008 to manage the TAP Independent Monitoring Organization (IMO) Support Program. While at R4D, she has developed numerous practitioner tools to support IMOs conducting analyses and undertaking advocacy related to social sector public spending. She has also developed and led technical sessions on public expenditure management and research communications directed toward representatives from civil society organizations and think tanks in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Before joining R4D in 2007, Ms. Tolmie was a consultant at the Washington-based Women’s Edge Coalition and led research on community health activities at the University of Virginia and University of Venda (South Africa).

Ms. Tolmie is co-author of Lives in the Balance: Improving Accountability for Public Spending in Developing Nations (Brookings Press), From the Ground Up (Brookings Press), and Using PETS to Monitor Projects and Small-Scale Programs (World Bank).

Ms. Tolmie graduated from Bowdoin College (B.A. Economics) and holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from the University of Virginia. Her graduate research was a quantitative analysis of the incentives, challenges, and actions of community home-based care providers in Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in South Africa.

Areas of Expertise
Social Accountability
Peer Learning