Nicholas Burnett

Senior Fellow

Nicholas Burnett is a Senior Fellow at Results for Development (R4D) in Washington DC, a Special Professor of International Education at Nottingham University, chair of the Board of UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, and on the NORRAG Consultative Committee, the Advisory Board of the Global Business School Network and the Board of Americans for UNESCO.

He now focuses especially on pragmatic and innovative approaches to important but neglected topics in education, including especially out-of-school children, adult illiteracy, innovative finance, ECD finance, non-state education, and the provision of global public goods. As Managing Director for Global Education he founded and ran R4D’s education program (2010-17), and has also served on the staff of the International Commission on Financing Education Opportunity (2016), been a visiting professor at Hiroshima University (2014-15), UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education (2007-09), Director of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report (2004-07), head of his own small consulting firm (2001-03), and a World Bank staff and manager (1983-2000). He was educated in economics at Oxford (BA), Harvard (Henry Fellow) and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (MA, PhD).