Improving Secondary Education in Sierra Leone

R4D is partnering with Rising Academy Network (RAN) to bring learning to the early stages of program implementation using monitoring, evaluation, and learning tools. RAN, launched in 2014, is a high quality, low-cost private school network of Junior Secondary schools operating in Sierra Leone.

As the program looks to scale its model in 2016, R4D is providing technical support to design, test, and implement a Learning Lab approach to fit the program’s ongoing learning needs. This includes working with program managers to understand the assumptions that underlie the program’s theory of change, to identify a thematic area suitable for a Learning Lab experiment, and to co-create intervention design alternatives to be tested and adapted as needed.

The goal is to test the most promising program components simultaneously (e.g. in the case of improving student literacy, this could involve testing breakfast clubs against individualized tutoring). R4D will work with RAN to support data collection and monitoring processes with a focus on short term outcomes to determine which activities are working or not.

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