Working to End Malnutrition in Ethiopia – It All Starts with Financing

The Challenge

Malnutrition is a critical health problem in Ethiopia. More than a third of children in Ethiopia are stunted, which is a largely irreversible result of chronic undernutrition that leads to weaker immune systems and diminished cognitive capacity. Furthermore, one in ten children are wasted and suffering from acute malnutrition, which is a leading cause of death in children under 5. The result is hundreds of thousands of children dying and millions who will never reach their full potential – from a condition that is preventable.

The Opportunity

In July 2015, the Government of Ethiopia declared it would strive to end child malnutrition within its borders by 2030, in what is known as the Seqota Declaration. The Seqota Declaration was named after a town that was the epicenter of a catastrophic famine in the 1980s.

The Declaration was a clear signal that the Ethiopian government is committed to addressing the issue. And as the government moves from talk to action, it must mobilize additional nutrition funding. To do this, the Government of Ethiopia must first understand how much additional funding is needed.

Our Work

Results for Development (R4D) is working with the Government of Ethiopia to track and analyze past and potential future levels of nutrition financing in Ethiopia. This includes nutrition financing from both the Government of Ethiopia as well as development partners across a wide variety of sectors (heath, education, agriculture, WASH, etc.). R4D’s work is aligned with the Ministry of Health’s existing efforts to track spending in the health sector, known as the System of Health Accounts.

The financing analysis can be used to inform nutrition policy and budget planning in Ethiopia and has the potential to help mobilize additional nutrition funding in the country. In the long run, the results of our work can help save lives and improve nutritional outcomes in Ethiopia.

The analysis is funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.

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