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John Campbell, Jr.

Program Officer

There is no shortage of new ideas coming out in health care around new business models, clinical research and applications of technology.  What is lacking, and where R4D tries to operate, is in scaling these ideas.”

John Campbell is a scientist turned global health innovations specialist with over eight years of experience conducting quantitative research, most recently focused on health systems strengthening and capacity building in emerging economies.

Mr. Campbell is a program officer currently overseeing R4D’s Center for Health Market Innovations database, which documents more than 1,300 private-sector innovations in developing countries that are freely available to governments, researchers and organizations working to take transformative but also cost-effective health care solutions to scale.

As a graduate student, Mr. Campbell’s thesis resulted in the first pilot study of a culturally-tailored mobile application to promote antiretroviral therapy among male sex workers in India, a project he led from development to delivery to 40 high-risk individuals in Chennai. Other work at that time included a prize-winning bioethics policy proposal on capacity-building for confronting diabetes in Ghana. As a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute before graduate school, Mr. Campbell published research on the molecular mechanisms that regulate gene expression across diverse cellular and tissue environments in tumors.

Mr. Campbell holds an MS in biomedical science policy from Georgetown University and a BS in molecular and structural biochemistry from North Carolina State University. He speaks English and Spanish.

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