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Yoriko Nakamura

Senior Program Officer

As a senior program officer within R4D’s health practice, Yoriko Nakamura’s work entails supporting countries attempting to improve their heath financing systems and progress toward universal health coverage. Toward this end she has worked mainly with governments in Ghana, Liberia, and Vietnam through two USAID-funded projects, the Collaborative Support for Health (CSH) and Health Finance and Government program (HFG).

In Ghana and Vietnam, both of which have health insurance systems, Ms. Nakamura and her team provide evidence-based input on health financing reforms. In the case of Ghana, strengthening data collection and analysis can lead to stronger medical operations and thus better care; while in Vietnam, the work involves higher-level strategic guidance to develop a sequencing for reforms that will define a basic health services package for citizens and overhaul provider payments.

Ms. Nakamura’s other work includes authoring two case studies: one on tax reforms for adding resources for health in Rwanda and the other on resource allocation and domestic resource mobilization for health and education as applied through the lens of political economy.

Before joining R4D in 2015, Ms. Nakamura spent two years at the Medical Practice Evaluation Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where she conducted research on the cost-effectiveness of national and multi-national strategies for preventing and treating HIV/AIDS. She has also worked at USAID where she supported the Office of HIV/AIDS and the Center for Accelerating Impact and Innovation on an initiative preparing for the introduction of microbicides for HIV prevention. As a graduate student, Ms. Nakamura spent time working with the Aravind Eye Care System in India, where she contributed to the development of a strategic plan to scale-up its primary eye care centers.

Ms. Nakamura holds an MPH in health policy and management from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a BA in biology and society from Cornell University. She speaks English, Japanese and Spanish.

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