Collaborative & Adaptive Learning in Nutrition

Results for Development combines nutrition expertise with collaborative and adaptive learning approaches to ensure local change agents have the how-to knowledge they need to improve nutrition planning and program implementation.

The Challenge

Policymakers, program managers and other local change agents often know what needs to be done to improve nutrition — but they lack knowledge about how to implement, adapt and scale up successful programs across multiple sectors.

Our Approach

Using collaborative and adaptive learning approaches, R4D aims to facilitate stronger multisectoral engagement and increased uptake of best practices and practical solutions to advance nutrition goals at the country level.

As a technical facilitator and network coordinator of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage and other peer-to-peer learning groups, R4D has honed a collaborative learning approach that is country-led, demand-driven and focused on building the “know-how” of key government stewards and non-governmental actors across sectors. R4D’s collaborative learning approach provides policymakers and program managers with a platform where they can:

  1. Share challenges and diagnose root causes.
  2. Capture tacit knowledge and promising practices from practical experience.
  3. Generate solutions and practical tools to overcome bottlenecks to implementation and scale up.

Where further innovations in implementation and delivery are needed to solve stubborn problems, R4D has also pioneered adaptive-learning approaches in which research and design, rapid experimentation, evaluation and adaptation can be used to quickly identify implementation challenges and iteratively improve program efficacy and impact throughout the full life cycle of the program.

Through these collaborative and adaptive approaches, R4D supports learning agendas that enable local change agents to move from knowledge and evidence to action, and to design new solutions for complex nutrition challenges.

Photo ©2016 Tushar Sharma, Courtesy of Photoshare

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