Kazakhstan Strategic Plan 2020

In October, 1997, the President of Kazakhstan set out a vision for the country entitled, Kazakhstan 2030. This document describes the aspirations and goals for Kazakhstan over the next 30 years, and outlines a long-term road-map for achieving this vision. Kazakhstan 2030 is being implemented through a series of 10-year plans developed by the Government of Kazakhstan (GoK). The first 10 year plan was approved by the President in December, 2001. Building on the experience of the first 10-year plan, the GoK identified a number of critical goals that must be met by 2020 if the vision in Kazakhstan 2030 is to become a reality. The GoK asked Dennis de Tray of Results for Development to serve as senior advisor for this effort. In this capacity, he guided a team of Kazakhstani policy research experts as they shaped the next 10-year plan. Working with internationally recognized experts in each priority area, de Tray helped the GoK define the end goals necessary to achieve Kazakhstan 2030, where the country needs to be by 2020 to meet these end goals, intermediate benchmarks against which progress can be judged during implementation of the next plan, and guidelines for achieving these goals based on the best relevant international experience.



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